Executive Health

Our most comprehensive level of care and patient privilege is designed for those who seek nothing less than the best. If you want absolute, unhindered access to the finest medical care, Executive Health Consulting is for you.

"Proactively seeking to optimize your health and well-being pays off not just for you, but also for your family, employer, community, and all who depend on you." 

What To Expect

Initial Consultation

Dr. Dorfman performs a thorough Baseline Evaluation which includes a comprehensive medical, nutritional, and exercise assessment. He will then spend as much time as needed with each client in an open-ended discussion regarding analysis of your current and past blood work, medical history, family history, and Lifestyle Questionnaire. After every issue has been thoroughly discussed, Dr. Dorfman will make specific recommendations and create a health plan moving forward. The result is a customized, physician-directed plan that gives Cedalion Health clients the ability to make health and lifestyle choices designed to protect and improve their health for years to come. Finally, Dr. Dorfman actively assists his clients in implementing their individual plans. You will never be on your own. 

Ongoing Benefits

  • Physical fitness and nutrition assessment

  • Wellness counseling, including weight management and guidance 

  • Comprehensive preventive healthcare and lifestyle planning

  • Preventative screenings

  • Expedited access 7 days a week to your physician by phone, email text or video conference

  • Care coordination by your physician during hospitalization and emergency or urgent care visits

  • Annual health review

  • Extended appointment times to thoroughly discuss your healthcare 

Executive Health Membership Options:

Executive Health Monthly Membership

Cedalion Health offers a monthly Executive Health Membership. By signing up for this program, you will receive all of the benefits listed above.

Members of this program are a part of an elite group of patients that receive the highest, most comprehensive level of care. 

Executive Health Hourly Consulting

If you are not looking for an annual health evaluation, but would prefer Dr. Dorfman's expertise on any medical issue, guidance is available on an hourly basis.

This is case dependent, but many who are experiencing a difficult time in their health choose this option to ensure the highest level of care and outcomes possible.


By making the choice to join Cedalion Health and Dr. Todd Dorfman, our clients enjoy the comfort of knowing that they are doing the very best they can for themselves and their families.

Call us for more information - by taking the first step, you can be on the path to optimal health and wellness.